A Series Of Standalone Novels


Book 1

The rules were simple—don’t fall for the handsome vet. Oops! Some rules are meant to be broken.

The light turned red and suddenly my whole life changed. I found myself lying in the middle of the street with two little yellow eyes staring at me. 

Then he appeared. Logan. Tall, sexy, built. I’d prayed that Superman would show up to save me, but Logan’s even better. Except that he seems more interested in saving the cat I almost ran over.

Since I can’t pay the vet bills for my unwelcome new guest, I’m forced to accept a job in his veterinary clinic as a receptionist. Not a great fit for someone who’s known since childhood that all animals have it in for her. And Logan seems to be more on their side than mine.  

Of course, there’s nothing that says I can’t also unfurl my claws and be a sex kitten for the hot veterinarian. He’s got just one rule: don’t get emotionally involved.

Simple, no?

Not when the damn test comes back positive.  

What can I say? Someone’s in trouble . . . and it’s not the cat.

Oops, my bad.



Paranormal Reverse Harem Series


Book 1

My name is Isabelle Dark and my life sucks. In exactly ten days, four hours, fifty-seven minutes and fifteen seconds, I will cease to exist.

I know, I know, that sounds a little melodramatic, but how would you react to the idea of having to marry a man you despise? I have to find a way to escape. But the Archangel and his Shadows won’t let me. They’ll find me in the end.

All I wanted was to go to college and live a normal life. Instead, I found myself in a school for Nephilim, where everybody hates me and I have seven bodyguards that, little by little, are getting under my skin. They’re making me feel things I’ve never felt before.

So what do I do now? My name is Isabelle Dark. I’m a Nephilim . . . and I’m fucked.

Let Me Fly is a steamy reverse harem for readers 18 and over.

Warning: this book features a sassy heroine, broody angels, and sexy Alpha males that will make your panties melt.



Complete Paranormal Reverse Harem series


Book 1

An ordinary girl. Four dragons tied to her by an ancient destiny. And a world to save.

My name is Emma and I'm just trying to get by. Between keeping up with my studies, working two jobs, and caring for my ailing father, it’s all I can do to make it through a day.

It’d be a lot easier if the Drakon hadn’t come into my life and turned it upside down. Sometimes, I think their mission is to make me miserable. And yet, no matter what they do, I can’t shake the feeling there’s something different about them.

The Drakon brothers are unlike anyone I’ve ever known, and I’m about to find out why.


Book 2

My world is changing so fast it’s making my head spin. A few months ago I was just an ordinary seventeen-year-old trying to keep up with school, two jobs, and taking care of my ailing dad. Or so I thought.
That was before the four hot Drakon brothers came into my life and turned it upside down, upsetting all my previous assumptions about my life, where I came from, and even who I am. Now everything is different. No longer am I just Emma Jones, I'm heir to the throne of Faery, a world in crisis that only I can save. Plus, I finally have a boyfriend. Well, actually, four boyfriends.
Oh, and did I mention, they’re dragons?
And that’s just for starters!


Book 3

The latest book in an exciting Reverse Harem series.

Everything is different now.

I have enemies everywhere and I can't trust anyone but my Twin Flames. I fight to save a world I didn't even know existed until a few months ago.

Like I said, everything is different now. No longer am I only Emma Jones, I'm Queen of Faery, and I have to save my world.





A Limited Edition Collection Of Contemporary Romance Novels

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